Young fast bowler, more pace than Pakistani fast bowlers in team

A fast bowler from Azad Kashmir has stunned the people in cricket in Pakistan. This young lad bowls with an average pace of 142 kmph. Now this is a pace with which even Pakistani fast bowlers in the national team don’t bowl except for Amir.

This is sensational stuff from this young kid. He bowls fast but also he maintains a great line and length. Here we are not talking about just pace. There is a lot of other things which this bowler has. The line and length are the other important factors.Salman Arshad ages 23 and he hails from the beautiful land of Azad Kashmir. In the ongoing talent hunting camps all around Pakistan, he went in and was given three balls to bowl. Now Salman bowled them with a stunning pace.

As per the speed gun he was clocking 142 kmph with an average speed. This means that at this moment this guy is much faster than even the Pakistani national team bowlers as well. But he is less than Amir in pace. The left arm Pakistani pacer bowls with an average pace higher than of Salman’s.

But then again Salman is just 23 years in age. The PCB has already announced special prize money for Salman. Not only this, but he has been asked to immediately report to National Cricket Academy (NCA). Salman will be under the super vision of Mudasir Nazar and Mushtaq Ahmad. There is no doubt with the help and advises of Mudasir and Mushtaq, Salman will certainly learn a lot of things about bowling. Both Mushtaq and Mudasir are seasoned cricketers and now they are into the coaching stuff. This will come handy for Salman.

Now Salman is not the only one with the pace. We have been watching since the start of this year that a lot of young guns have shown up and they are really good in both bowling and batting. The young talent is there and PCB is doing a good job to get them in. PCB is making all the efforts to make sure that if a young cricketer is talented and skilled then they get him and polish him fr the higher forms of cricket. These players will play the domestic cricket and then after giving performances they are even selected for the national team as well. So the opportunities are there for all these young cricketers. All they need is to work hard and make sure that they polish themselves in the NCA and make a mark.

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