Virat Kohli out to Mohammad Amir, Champions trophy 2017 final

Virat Kohli is out here as well. Pakistan off to a dream start here against India in the final of the Champions trophy 2017. It is none other than Mohammad Amir who is one again showing up as the best strike bowler for Pakistan. This is quality bowling from Amir here.

Mohammad Amir first got Rohit Sharma out and then he took out Kohli. Now Kohli on the previous ball was dropped at first slip. Azhar Ali dropped down a regulation catch and Amir was not happy with his senior partner at all. He was livid and furious with Azhar here.

Virat Kohli might have thought that he was lucky to have been dropped on the previous ball. Amir bowled another excellent ball here. The ball left the right hander outside the off stump. There was that away movement on the ball and Kohli could not get behind the ball here.

The ball hit the edge of the bat and went towards the first slip. Now the ball came at an ideal height to Azhar Ali. There was not hard or difficult about this catch. It should have been taken but the former skipper of Pakistan dropped it straight out.

Now Ami was not happy here. He was hitting out with all the harsh words because he wanted to get this wicket here. Now the hearts of the Pakistani fans would have been in their mouths. They were waiting for Kohli to fall because he has been one man who has hurt Pakistan a lot of times in the past.

Now on the very next ball Amir got another edge of the bat of Kohli and this time it was out. The ball flew to point where the young Shadab was there to hutch it. That was it. Amir ran a long mile. The players were all over him. This wicket is definitely a huge one for Pakistan and Amir. This is a huge moment in the game for Pakistan. The crowd is going wild here. Pakistan in with a very good chance here. This is Pakistan at their very best here folks. The cup is going their way here.

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