Shoaib Malik praises the efforts of Waqar Younas as Head Coach

Former Pakistani captain Shoaib Malik has praised the efforts of his former coach Waqar Younas. He said that he was one of the finest names and he has done a lot for the team. He wanted to develop a new culture in the Pakistan team and that was it.

Shoaib said that all these news are false that he never supported any player or he was against some of the players. He said that Waqar was his main motivator in his come back and after that. Waqar was always there for him and he was a great support to Shoaib.

Shoaib was sitting in one of the sports show. Two of the senior most sports journalist were there with him. He was asked this question about the support issue which players had with Waqar. In the past we have seen Ahmad Shahzad and Umar Akmal saying that Waqar did not support them as the head coach.

There were many people who were with them on this issue but then there were some who said that these two were just creating such issues just to make an escape route for their poor performances. Now Shoaib was in the same team. He said that he never ever faced any issues with Waqar Younas. He said that when he made his comeback Waqar Younas was the head coach of Pakistan team. He welcomed him and showed all his support. It was Waqar’s support that Shoaib made it large finally after a span of 5 years.

Shoaib said that some people already start thinking negative and as a result they see negativity in everything. Waqar was the one of the best coach he has played with. Shoaib said that even with Sarfraz there was no such issue. All the rumors were coming out and there was no truth in any of them.

Shoaib said that Waqar wanted a fearless team. He wanted this culture to prevail and the players’ should play free style cricket. They should not get under any pressure. He wanted the team to fight hard and don’t fall down. Now every coach does the same. Waqar has been supportive to all the players. This is injustice to him saying that he never supported any player. He had no favorites. Each player was close to him. He wanted performances. Those who did not give performances only they might have issues with him. This is kind of like feeling true. We know there were players who did not perform and they were always seen giving excuses.

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