Shahid Afridi fan wants to meet him

Meet Ripon Chowdary from Assam, a state from India. He is a huge fan of Shahid Afridi and his love and appreciation for Afridi ultimately landed him in hot waters. Ripon was recently arrested but then bailed out after some time. He now has a special video message for Afridi.

Ripon has recorded a message from Assam and he has said that he wants to meet Afridi. He has always tried to copy Afridi in both batting and bowling. Afridi is his inspiration and he will be over the moon if he gets a chance to meet him.Ripon wears a Pakistani t-shirt and it has Afridi’s name printed on the back with the number 10. As per Ripon he is called by his nickname which is Afridi. He said that in his hometown nobody calls him Ripon but Afridi. This is now has become his name.

Ripon went to the jail because someone launched a complaint against him wearing a Pakistani t-short and we all know what this means in India. Police had to take action against Ripon after the complaint was made and arresting him was the perfect solution for them.

But soon after the arrest, Ripon was released on bail. He went back to his home and then from the playground he recorded a special video for Shahid Afridi. Ripon wished that if he could meet Shahid Afridi in real. He tried once but failed. As per him he went to Mohali once when Pakistan was playing a game there against India. He tried his best to meet Afridi but that did not happen. He had to come back after the game. Ripon said that he copies Afridi in his batting and bowling style.

He said that he tries to make sure that he does everything in the ground like Afridi. He does not fields outside the ring as like Afridi. The Pakistani super star fields in the circle and hence Ripon does it like him. He bats like him means less balls big hits and that is it. Afridi is a leg spinner and Ripon also spins the ball like him. This tells us that Afridi has one huge fan of him in a remote area in Assam. Earlier when Afridi came to know about the news of Ripon arrest he slammed the Indian government and police saying that it was against the ethics. Afridi surely was supporting his fan. He gave a big wake up call to the Indians and this was the right thing to do.

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