What Sarfraz said about Javed Miandad, Champions trophy 2017

Aamir Sohail the former Pakistani skipper and opening batsman is not in a good mood these days. He criticized Sarfraz Ahmed and the whole Pakistan team. As a result there was a huge criticism made on him on the social media. Now Aamir is seen explaining his viewpoint.

As per Aamir he is not the enemy of the Pakistan cricket team and all that. He said that he meant in the past that Pakistan is getting wins as there are many people praying for the team in the holy month of Ramzan. These are the factors which really count apart from cricket itself.

Aamir Sohail in his recent media session said that Sarfraz when won the game against Sri Lanka in the Champions trophy 2017 refused to dedicate the win to Javed Miandad. The Pakistani wicket keeper said that Javed criticizes a lot. Now this is what Aamir Sohail is saying.

Why would Sarfraz not dedicate the win to Javed just because Javed criticizes a lot. Now this is something which Aamir has not seen or heard himself. He has been told all this. Aamir is definitely under a lot of pressure these days it seems.

He is not taking sense most of the time. There is no point for Sarfraz saying all this. Javed Miandad is a huge name in Pakistan cricket and he is definitely a special name in world cricket as well. Pakistan will play the final of the Champions trophy 2017 tomorrow against India.

Now before that final such news are now good for the morale of the team. The Pakistan team needs backing of the whole nation. They need support. They will be playing final against a team who has been beating them regularly in the world of cricket. The Indian team looks in no pressure while the Pakistan team does all the time. This is the time when the Pakistan team needs the support of the former cricketers as well. The final game will be tough and the team handling pressure the best way will win for sure. This is pretty much simple.

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