Sarfraz Ahmed takes funny interview of Azhar Ali, Champions trophy 2017 final

The ICC website and social media pages has shared an interview conducted by Sarfraz Ahmed of his team mate and former skipper Azhar Ali. This interview or call it short clip of it is pretty much funny. The Pakistani fans are really liking it a lot and the clip is getting viral.

Sarfraz Ahmed is the Pakistan skipper and took the charge from Azhar Ali. The question was about the fitness of Azhar Ali and not only the question was asked in a funny way but the answer from Azhar Ali was pretty funny as well. The Pakistan team is certainly looking in a good mood at the moment.

Sarfraz Ahmed asked Azhar Ali about his fitness referring to the videos in which Azhar Ali was seen throwing tyre around. Azhar Ali said that yes he did that and the videos of him showing his muscles have made some of the people really jealous.

Sarfraz then asked has if Azhar Ali still got a taste for Biryani a local dish made in Pakistan and India. Azhar Ali said that yes he does like it a lot but he does not eat it a lot now. On a few occasions he eats Biryani. Sarfraz in the meantime was seen laughing a lot.

This video shows that Pakistan team is in good spirits. They are all set to face India in the finals of the Champions trophy 2017 tomorrow and it will be a pressure game for both sides. Indian captain believes that there is not much pressure on his team for this game.

But then again this is India against Pakistan and such games always have the pressure. Pakistan and India both are arch rivals and they are playing cricket for a long time. Each time they face each other in the ground the pressure and intensity of the game is very high. Pakistan will have to make sure that they play the best game out there and try not to think more about the fact that they are facing India. Pakistan did lose to India because of this pressure in the group stage round.

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