Sarfraz Ahmed funny answer to Pakistani journalist, Champions trophy 2017 final

Pakistani skipper Sarfraz Ahmed gave a very funny reply to a Pakistani journalist in the post-match presser. Sarfraz and head coach Arthur were present at the presser when Sarfraz was asked about whom he would like to dedicate the cup to.

Now there was already a controversy present on this dedicational matter. Sarfraz Ahmed said to the journalist that she should have not asked about this thing. Last time he did not talk about it and a controversy was generated now this might become another one as well.

Earlier to this Aamir Sohail on a TV show claimed that Sarfraz was asked to dedicate the win against Sri Lanka to Javed Miandad but Sarfraz refused saying that the former batsman criticizes the team a lot. Now this is something which Sarfraz never had said.

Aamir Sohail was passed the wrong information and the former batsman and the captain of the Pakistan team passed this wrong information to others. He should have looked into the whole matter first and then would have given the statement.

Now the fans did not like the comments made by Aamir Sohail. Sarfraz Ahmed said that he never said anything and yet he was the center of that controversy. This time he did the wring thing. He dedicated the win to every Pakistani and this was the best answer to this question.

Sarfraz said that his side played the best cricket and they were looking for such a big moment. Sarfraz said that the start was not a solid one from his side. They lost big to India and they all had a hard talk in the dressing room after that. He pumped up the team along with the management.

Sarfraz said that the Pakistan team united themselves for the next games and they emerged as the Champions in them. They played quality cricket. He said that the management has a huge role in these wins. They were always there in supporting the players and guiding them. Sarfraz said that all this was made possible with help of the Almighty one as well as now Pakistan is the champion.

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