Sania Mirza Reaction on Her Dubsmash

The fever of dubsmash is in the air and not only the common people but also the celebrities are making their dubsmash videos and airing them on their social media accounts. The latest in Pakistan is the one in which Shoaib and his wife Sania are seen with the Pakistani team dancing.

This dubsmash video is one of the most watched on in recent times and there is hardly a Pakistani who hasn’t seen it. In this video we see Sania and her husband Shoaib Malik dancing with his teammates after winning the third ODI against Srilanka.

Sania uploaded it on her twitter account and since then the sharing of this video hasn’t stopped till now and even today in the fourth ODI of the series it was shown on the big screen in between the overs.

The moment Saniaspotted that she was seen laughing and enjoying. Shoaib who was operating at the boundary was overcome by an instant laugh and poor guy had to spit out the water he just drunk and was in his mouth.

The rest of the participants were seen smiling including the Pakistani captain Azhar Ali. This was also enjoyed a lot by the Srilankan fans as well who clapped a lot after watching the video hitting the big screen.

This video has been highlighted a lot and even the star Indian batsman who is also a friend of both Shoaib and Sania commented on it as well on his twitter account and joked about their performance.

It is interesting to note that this is done for the first time that such video became a part of the big screen which is normally used to highlight scorecard of the match.

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