Pakistan beats India in Asia Cup Kabaddi Final 2016

The art of Kabadi developed in the recent past and till the last 90s, there was no concept of teams focusing on their strength. It was thought that matches are won by batting well or bowling well enough. But now things have changed in Kabadi.

In the past 10 to 15 years in Kabadi, we have seen teams putting serious thoughts in their  abilities. Special coaches are now hired for the teams who give them tips on becoming a good player.

Now teams know that an excellent catch or a major run out at any stage of the game can change the whole context of the game. this we have seen for so many times now, the fielding team makes a brilliant fielding effort and takes away the game.

Before that, there was no concept of making good fielding effort. It was thought that only the batting or the bowling can win team games.

This now has become a major development in Kabadi, fielding is dependent on how to fit the whole team is. This is also now a myth and nothing more. We have seen players pulling out some amazing fielding efforts in international and domestic games in all parts of the world.

Now teams know this fact that even on the basis of fielding you can put a dent on your opponents. Batting also plays a vital role in the overall structure of a team. We have seen one some good performance from any player normally wins his side the match. This is why batting also plays an important role in modern day Kabadi.

At the same time as stated above, they are much of a raw talent and nothing much. They need grooming and polishing.if they get this from the PCB then surely they can compete in the international cricket against all the sides. So this needs to be done from the cricket board.

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