Muhammad Hafeez and Javeria khan’s bowling action to be test on April 9

Muhammad Hafeez would be appearing in front of the ICC officials on 9 April for the reassessment of his bowling action which was previously announced as illegal.

Hafeez was suspended in December last year due to his illegal bowling action by the ICC since then the all rounder didn’t bowl in some of the matches he played for Pakistan.

Hafeez was first reported for a suspicious bowling action in the T20 champion’s trophy. The ICC however didn’t pay a lot of attention then due to the league being not under their authority.

Later in November he was again reported during a test series against the New Zealand. This time ICC intervene the matter and in December Hafeez’s bowling action was officially suspended.

PCB made an appeal to the ICC for the official test and the first date that was announced for the test was 6 February. Hafeez was in New Zealand that time and few days before the test he faced a serious foot and calf injury.

This injury prevented him from giving the test as well as playing the world cup. Hafeez was out of International cricket due to the injury.

The issues with his bowling action is the same as like others that his arm’s flex is more than 15 degrees and now Hafeez is working on it.

After Hafeez recovered from his injury he went to the Chennai lab to give a non official test and the results were quite disappointing. Hafeez failed to pass the test and that hit the Pakistan cricket hard.

Hafeez has been an integral part of the Pakistani side. He opens in the batting order and has remained as the one of the top blowers in both ODI and T20 games.

Pakistan has been trying hard to maximize all resources to get his action upright as per the laws of the ICC. Hafeez himself is working hard on his action and now it seems he has successfully brought the changes required it be in the legal ones.

The new date that Hafeez has been given is April 9 and he is quite confident that this time he will get a clean chit from the lab.

Along with Hafeez Javeria Khan would also be there to go for an assessment test of her bowling action. Javeria came to the Pakistani team as an all rounder and later in 2010 her action was suspended by the ICC.

Since then Javeria is part of the team as a batsman. She also has worked her way out of this problem and now would be appearing for the test with Muhammad Hafeez.

PCB is quite confident along with the two players that they will surely pass the tests. We have to wait till April 9 to see what the future of these two players is.

Hafeez would find it really hard to book a place in the national side if again his action comes out suspicious. By the looks of Hafeez and Javeria it seems both the players will get a green signal from the ICC on April 9.

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