Most helping sports person list includes Afridi

Few days ago the Pakistani superstar Shahid Afridi was caught in on camera giving away money to the poor and needy people in a village. Afridi drive his car to the place and called in the members of the families and handed over money to them.

Afridi not only gave them money but also provided them food and water so that the poor can get some relief. The humanitarian cause by Afridi is very largely appreciated by his fans.

In Pakistan there are hardly known people who have done something big for the poor. The first name that pops up in the mind is Imran Khan who worked for days and nights continuously and travelled throughout Pakistan to get charity from them to build a cancer hospital.

Now Imran Khan is paying people back as his hospital is free for the poor and the hospital is a state of the art one. Imran named it on his mother and which is why it is called Shoukat Khannum Cancer memorial hospital.

Afridi is second in the list apart from such charities he is building a hospital in Kohat which is his native place and as per Afridi it will be totally free for the poor.

There would be many more in the list but the details are unknown as the list and the reason is quite simple. As per the laws made by the religion, Muslims are asked to keep it secret. The charity should be given and it should not be given in front of a crowd. People should get a better idea about it.

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