Mohammad Hafeez lucky chance VS India, Champions trophy 2017 final

Mohammad Hafeez has played a brilliant innings here against India in the final of the Champions trophy 2017. Hafeez hit a fifty in the match and gave the Pakistani team some really important runs here. Pakistan has done well against India in the first innings.

Hafeez was lucky as well as on one occasion the ball hit the wicket but the bails did not fell off. As a result the Pakistani middle order batsman stayed on his crease. The batting from him was brave and as they say fortunate favors the brave. This is what happened to Hafeez here.

Hafeez was facing the young Indian pacer Bumrah here. The ball was a perfect yorker here. The ball was landed on the off stump and Hafeez tried to put his bat in front of the ball. Now the ball hit the bat and then squeezed under the bat and hit the off stump.

Now the ball hit the off stump with some serious impact. Now one of the bails did jump up a little bit but then rested back at the original spot. As the bails did not fell off from the wickets so Hafeez was not given out here against India. The match is going to be a good one for sure.

Pakistan has batted well here and they have made 338 runs. Indian needs 339 runs to win and this will be not an easy target to achieve against Pakistan. Pakistan has got a really strong bowling line up and Indian has got a steel batting line. This will be a good fight.

India will have to bat really well despite having big names in their playing eleven. The first three batsmen will matter for India and for Pakistan Mohammad Amir and Junaid Khan will have to step up and perform. The Pakistan team has got a good total in hand. They batted first and now have got the runs they desired. After this everything depends on the bowlers in the center. If Pakistan wants to win then they have to perform with the ball now and take all the wickets from Indian team.

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