Mohammad Amir takes out Rohit Sharma, Champions trophy 2017 final

Mohammad Amir has struck for Pakistan and on the third ball of the first over he has taken out Rohit Sharma here. This is excellent bowling from Pakistan and Mohammad Amir here. Rohit was not expecting the ball to come in this much to him.

Amir was absolutely over the moon here. The ball was a good one and he deserved a wicket on this one. Pakistan gets one of the main men from the Indian team here. Rohit is out and now Kohli walks in to bat against the Pakistan team here. This is going to be a good game of cricket here.

Mohammad Amir was presumed to be the bowler who can change the game for Pakistan with ball. He is doing it at the moment. The Pakistani pacer has taken wicket and that too of Rohit on the third ball of his first over here. Amir trapped Rohit with the same plan here.

The first two ball were moved away from the right hander. Rohit left the two balls towards the wicket keeper. He did not touch them at all. He wanted to check the swing or movement on the ball. Now these two ball here were really good and Rohit thought the out swing will happen only.

This was not the case because the third ball was brought back into the right hander. This is that ball on which Amir has taken out Rohit in the past as well. The ball hit the pads and Amir knew this was out. He made a huge appeal to the Umpire.

The umpire raised his finger here. Rohit went to his partner to discuss the review. Dhawan was not in the favor of going for a review because he too was sure that Rohit was out here. The wicket fell for Pakistan here and this is a huge moment in the game. Amir has been really good so far. Just three balls and he is looking dangerous. He is thinking about the wickets here and would like to take out Kohli as well. The Indian captain is here to bat now.

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