Mohammad Amir bowls a ripper to Watson

All the Pakistani cricket fans will be hoping to see Mohammad Amir bowls these kind of balls to the Australian batters in the limited overs cricket. There is one test remaining followed by five one day matches and three t20 games. Amir has not done much yet in Australia. The last time he was here, he absolutely impressed everyone. The Australia players, media and crowd all became his fans. Amir bowled one of the best balls to Watson and the Australian all-rounder praised that ball after the game.

Amir first bowled a ball outside the off stump. This ball hit the deck and then came back in sharply. There was a huge movement on this one. Watson managed to hit the ball at the last moment. The bat and pad were pretty close to the ball here. Pakistani players did look interested in an lbw appeal as well.

The slow motion and hot spot technology showed that the ball hit the bat first. Watson got saved. But then on the next ball he saw himself absolutely baffled by another ripper. This ball had the best line and length and it hurried onto the Australian opener in no time.

Amir bowled this one quick, short and onto the body of Watson. The ball was pitched on the middle stump line and again Amir brought it back a little bit. This movement and the rest of the qualities the ball had were enough for Watson. He moved his head back and that was it.

Watson was not looking at the ball when it his bat. The ball hit the bat right at its top, the handle portion. In fact even the top of the handle portion you may call it. It went in the air and Saeed Ajmal caught this one safely. Watson’s reaction showed everyone how good this ball really was.

Former Australian all-rounder, captain and a big fan of Pakistan team Tony was surprised to actually know where the ball actually hit on the bat. He thought the ball hit the top edge of the bat or somewhere close to the splice of the bat but he was not right. The ball hit the grip and that surprised Tony as well. It was unplayable and there is no doubt about it. The way the ball climbed onto Watson was as if it hit some crack on a bouncy surface. There was a good speed behind it as well. All these things made Watson late in reacting to this ball.

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