Misbah hints big decision in press conference

Misbah Ul Haq the Pakistan captain is now certainly thinking about his retirement. The Pakistani skipper could not make it large as far as his own batting and his team performance is concerned. Misbah might also not play the third test as well.

Heart breaking to see but that how cricket is internationally. If you are not in the game then you are out of it. Playing in the UAE has hurt Pakistan. They don’t get any practice for the pitches like they get in England, New Zealand and Australia. This is where the issue comes.

Misbah in the press conference said that it as an alarming sign for his team that they cannot perform under pressure. Misbah said that there are many thing which come into play. The bowling was not good from his side in this test he admitted that. Misbah was not reluctant to take everything on the chin. He said that it is a failure for the whole team. There is no point in blaming anyone in particular or any department for that particular reason. The whole unit failed and the outcomes are worst.

Misbah about his retirement said that yes he is thinking about it now. In fact he has been thinking about it for the past few months. He wanted to quit had India played Pakistan. But that did not happen and Pakistan went to England. Pakistan drew the series there.

Misbah said that there were some tough series coming and hence he decided to stay. There was no point in admitting that if he would have given any other player the role of a captain for the Australia series then it should have been worst start for him. Australia series is always tough for an Asian side.

But now in a couple of days he would think and then decided about his fate. In fact he said that if he felt that he should not play the Sydney test then he won’t play it and given his position to someone else. Now that is something that tells you what is going through Misbah’s mind. Pakistan has lost thee test matches in the past six months on the final day of the game. First was in England then in New Zealand and now in Australia. There is no shame in admitting that when Pakistan is under pressure than they tend to fumble a lot. The batting and bowling both looked pretty ordinary for Pakistan is such situations. This is what Misbah said as well. One test is left now to be played in Sydney.

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