Kusal Perrera brilliant assistance in a catch

They say every sports is like a war and wars are won with team efforts, one just cannot upheld all the pressure and fight against the enemies or rivals. In cricket his phrase fits in the best and especially to this fielding effort from the Srilankan team.

This happened in a test match played between Pakistan and Srilanka in Srilanka and the veteran Younas Khan was batting facing the tricky spins of Herath. Herath bowled a flighted one to Younas who steps one pace down and defended the ball with his bat. The ball hit the inner edge of the bat and went on to hit the pad and from there it bounced towards the foot of Younas and popped up a bit.

Kusal was fielding at silly mid-off and when he saw the ball popping up a bit he went for a catch. He dived to his front in an effort to grab the ball but the ball was quite low and there was no way he could have completed the catch.

Kusal was only able to get his fingers under the ball and in the particular moment he used his brain effectively and looped up the ball towards Sangakkara standing behind the stumps. Kusal didn’t do anything stupid or fancy he knew for him the catch was not possible however he can help anyone else take it and he choose Sangakkara for the job. Sangakkara took that one easily and immediately the Srilankan team held their hands up for a catch appeal and after a consolidation with each other both the umpires adjourned it out.

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