Imran Khan Jr. cleaning Afridi’s boots

Now this is something really interesting and the way this incident has been represented in the media has made it even more so. Imran Khan Jr. The new chap in the team has hardly played much of the international T20 cricket was seen cleaning up Afridi’s boots.

This happened during one of the practice sessions here in Dubai. Pakistan team was having a practice session there and Imran Khan Jr. was also a part of it.

Now after the session Afridi id seen handling over his spikes to Imran Khan Jr. who after collecting them was seen cleaning them from the bottom sides where the spikes are actually located. He has scratching the grass which sometimes stuck up in spikes.

We have seen this in the past that cricketers often clean their spikes due to the same reason. Now here the question that arises is what the motive behind this was. Should Afridi has asked Imran to do this.

If yes then was Imran allowed to do so. Did Imran do it in respect to Afridi or it was an order from a senior player that he had to follow at any cost. There is so much to talk about and on the other hand you can leave this topic as well.

This should not open any debate. It was a decision taken between both the players and the fans should respect that. Afridi and Imran will be seen in action after few days against England. This T20 series will be very important for both the teams.

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