Hasan Ali talks about his wicket taking celebration on India media

Hasan Ali the young pacer from Pakistan once again took three wickets in the final. This was the fourth time that he picked up three wickets in a match in the Champions trophy. Before the finals he took the same number of wickets against South Africa, Sri Lanka and England.

Hasan Ali was interviewed by the Indian media as well. He was praised for the bowling efforts he put in for Pakistan. There is no doubt that Hasan was one of the key factors that Pakistan reached the finals of the Champions trophy 2017 and then won it as well. He was awarded with the best bowler of the tournament prize as well.

Hasan Ali said that the start of the tournament for him and his side was not good. They were absolutely thrashed by the Indian team in the opening game. But after the game they have a team meeting and the captain and coach asked the players to pick themselves up.

There was no choice left Hasan said. They had to make a comeback and play the attacking cricket which they then did against team like South Africa, Sri Lanka and England. Pakistan was phenomenal against all these three sides and after winning against them they reached the finals.

In the final they defeated India in a one sided affair. Now this is a huge win for Pakistan as they were able to take down India a team which they don’t often defeat in ICC events. Pakistan record against India in ICC events is really poor and hence no one ever thought Pakistan will win the game.

Hasan Ali then talked about his wicket taking celebration style and said that this is unique. Fakhar while standing next to him joked that he kicks off a generator when he takes a wicket. Hasan Ali said that no it is kind of a celebration which he wanted to adapt. It is unique and this is the reason people like it so much. He himself likes this wicket taking celebration style a lot. Hasan Ali is the best bowler from the tournament as well.

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