Hasan Ali makes a wish to his fans, Champions trophy 2017

Hasan Ali wants his fans to give him a welcome which has never been given before. Hasan who is coming back to Pakistan will go to the city of Gujranwala where he belongs from. His family is there anxiously waiting for him for the services he has done for his country.

Hasan Ali recorded a special message while he was sitting in the airplane. He said that he is coming back to Pakistan and wants his fans to gather around. He said that he has done his job for his country. Pakistan won the ICC champions trophy 2017 yesterday.

Hasan Ali has been the star bowler for Pakistan in the Champions trophy 2017. He picked up 13 wickets which is the highest number of wickets by a bowler in the event. He picked up the golden ball as well. He was one of the best strike bowler in the event.

In his last four games he picked up three wickets in every game and this is what gave Pakistan the cup. Hasan Ali was the man who used to come in the middle overs and provide those wickets to his captain and team. He is definitely the middle order night mare sort of bowler.

Hasan Ali will definitely get a huge welcome in his native city and there is no doubt about it. Throughout the cricketing world the fans are praising Pakistan team. They all feel that this young team has shown the class to the world masters in cricket. This is a great achievement for all of them.

Now Hasan Ali is also getting a lot of admiration. The young man has been really impressive. The former players are really impressed with the kind of attitude he has. He always wants the best for himself and for his team. Hasan Ali before the cup stated that he would try to become the best bowler of the event and today he has done it. He has made himself, his family and his nation proud. He has been absolutely brilliant with the way he has bowled in this tournament.

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