Hardik Pandya run out VS Pakistan, Champions trophy 2017 final

Pakistan and India are fighting it out against each other in the final of the Champions trophy 2017. At the moment the game is with Pakistan and there is a strong chance that they will end up winning this cup as well. This is quality bowling here from Pakistani team.

India here as again lost another major wicket. Pandya who was looking absolutely brilliant with the bat is run out here. Jadeja played the ball on the off side and Pandya started running for a single. Jadeja sent him back but it was too late by then. Pandya is livid here folks.

Jadeja pushed the ball towards the off side and took a few steps. Now Pandya was looking at his partner and not the ball. He did the right thing. Normally runners are seen looking at the ball and as a result a run out happens. Azhar Ali today was run out just like that.

Fakhar was looking at the ball and did not respond to the call. Here Pandya respond to the call but then Jadeja was busy in looking at the ball and he did not come for a single. Now there was no return for Pandya. He kept running and reached the other end.

Jadeja already put his bat down and it made Pandya late. The throw from Ahmad was straight into the hands of the bowler Hasan Ali here. All he did was just put the bails off. Pandya knew he was out as he lashed out on his partner and then took his walk.

He was absolutely livid Pandya. He was seen yelling around while going back towards the dressing room. He was not expecting to walk off like this. He was really hitting the ball hard and long. Against Shadab he was batting really well hitting him for sixes all the time. Then against Fakhar he hit a couple of sixes as well. So Pandya was looking really good in the batting. But then again it was not the day for India. They were done and dusted by a better team in the end. Pakistan was brilliant.

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