Harbajhan Singh stranded by Steyn’s bowling

If we take a look at the league of fast bowlers operating in the world of cricket today there is no one to be named as the contemporary to Dale Steyn. The South African fast bowler has his own jungle and own laws to rule over it.

Since his debut he made sure he remains one of the best in the business. Steyn has never compromised on his fitness, class and technique. He always wanted to be the best and he made sure he remains after being one. It is his class and persistence that has lead South Africa to many glorious triumphs. He has been the best role model for the youngsters and there are many who like to follow him and be like him one day.

In this video we see how authoritative Steyn is handling his swing and seam movement. It is taken from a test match played in South Africa between the hosts and India.

Dale Steyn was bowling to Harbajhan. This one was a rattling out swinger that had a wicket written all over it. It was pitched up to Harbajhan and landed few feet away from him and it swing viciously towards the off side. With that much pace and swing there was no way Harbajhan could have countered that one. He was beaten all sides down and the ball hit the outer half of his bat and went as one of the simplest catches towards AB who welcomed it graciously.

Steyn immediately shouted back to the umpire appealing for a caught behind and Ian Gold didn’t waste any time agreeing back to Steyn and for Harbajhan it was a long walk back to the dressing room.

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