Fakhar Zaman survives on no ball, Champions trophy 2017

Pakistani opener Fakhar Zaman survives a big scare here. This is the final of the Champions trophy 2017 and Pakistan is facing arch rivals India. Bumrah just got the edge of Fakhar Zaman but it has turned out to be a no ball here and this is a big one.

The ball was wide and outside the off stump and Fakhar went after it. He was not behind the line of the ball here and as a result the edge was produced. Dhoni took it with ease and then Fakhar was asked to wait as the umpire wanted to check for a no ball. At the end it was one.

This is a pressure game here and we can see that Fakhar fell to this pressure. The ball was wide outside the off stump and there are a lot of room given to the ball here. Now he could have easily left this one alone here but he did not and went after this ball.

Fakhar wanted to place the ball on the off side and failed. The ball hit the edge of the bat and went straight into the hands of MS Dhoni. The catch was completed with ease and Fakhar was on his way back to the pavilion. The umpire then asked him to wait a bit.

The big no ball from the Indian pacer Bumrah was spotted straight away and the Pakistani opener got a chance. Indian bowlers have done their homework here. They have got the line and length which is troubling the Pakistani opener Fakhar.

There is no width given to Fakhar here. The Indian bowling line knows that giving Fakhar width on the off side will get a lot of runs. This is the reason there is no width here being seen especially against Fakhar. But the luck factor has saved the Pakistani opener here. He now has to make sure he does not play any rash shot. The ball is new and hence there is no need to over attack and just play the right kind of cricket. Pakistan needs a big total here.

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