Fakhar Zaman massive hitting VS Jadeja and Ashwin, Champions trophy 2017 final

Fakhar Zaman is definitely taking the attack on the Indian bowling here. Pakistan moves forward towards making something big here. This is the final match of the Champions trophy 2017 and Pakistan is currently batting against the Indian side.

Now at the moment Fakhar is destroying the likes of Jadeja and Ashwin. He has taken the two for some serious number of runs and this is quality cricket form the left hander. He is hitting some really beautiful shots in the middle and India is looking under pressure here at the moment.

Fakhar Zaman has certainly not taken any pressure here. He is hitting his shots and getting the runs. He knows that his batting will be the thing mattering the most to his team. Pakistan needs some huge runs here while batting first against India.

There is a simple equation to have a fight with India then Pakistan needs some good solid runs. Something well over 300 runs will be a total which Pakistan will be looking for. They need a total which can give the Pakistan team bowling some confidence.

This is a batting wicket here. The batsmen have enjoyed their batting here on this one and at the moment Fakhar Zaman is out here. Jadeja has taken his catch here. Pandya is the bowler and Fakhar tried to hit the ball hard and long again.

Only this time a big top edge of the bat took the ball miles in the air and Jadeja has taken an excellent catch here. The ball was coming down over his head and he really judged the catch to perfection. This is a very important wicket for the Pakistan team here. Fakhar departs after making a huge ton.

Pakistan will not be looking for another good partnership. There has been a change made. Malik has been sent up the order and Hafeez will bat down now. This is a change which the team has made in their batting line. Pakistan is looking solid with the bat at the moment and there is no panic in the team so far.

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