Brilliant batting in domestic by young Pakistani Player

In the modern game of cricket, bowling has become a very important part of the whole match. In the past, it was thought matches are won on the basis of strength in the batting but this clause has now been changed.

Now the teams have worked hard on their bowling skills.the fast bowlers are keener in learning a lot more about the bowling and the variations. The fast and spin department has opened up so many ideas to the bowlers.

Swing and seam movement is the ideal help for any bowler. Swing comes naturally to the bowlers. It is more dependent on the wrist position while the seam movement can be learnt as well though in some fast bowlers it too came as a natural gift.

In the spin department we have seen there are a lot of variations getting developed in the past decade, Dosra is the prime example in this case. Every off-spinner knows how to bowl the Dosra. Then there is a ball comes in with the angle of the arm.

So overall bowling has become an art. Bowlers are more focused on exploiting the weak areas of their opponents. This has raised the bars and competition becomes tougher.

With the development of T20 cricket in the past 10 years, the whole frame of mind has been changed now amongst he players and fans. Now even batsman ten to play t20 shots in test matches as well. for many a time, we have seen reverse sweep being played in a test game. the whole cricket has definitely been revolutionized.

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