Brillaint knock by pakistani youngster in domestic match

Over the years, cricket teams have developed a strong bowling unit for themselves. This has been looked upon as a new development in modern day cricket. Despite teams having strong bowling attacks in the past, the one thought prevailing all others was batsmen win you the games.

After any years, this myth was finally broken and the bowlers started to get an appreciation. Now we see that there has been a lot of changes seen in the bowling of the both fast and spin bowlers.

The fast bowlers always reply on swing and seam movement and off course pace being the third most important factor. Swing comes in naturally for most of the bowlers. It depends on the wrist position and movement.

Mohammad Amir is the prime example who can swing the ball as he has this natural ability in him. Seam movement comes in naturally as well as can be learnt as well. Mohammad Asif was one of the best seam bowlers in the recent past.

In the spin department, the more variations a bowler has, the more successful he is. Variations like Dosra, Carom ball, and many others gives you freedom to get away from being hit for plenty of runs. So there has been changes made and methods invented to try and get rid of the opposition in a quick way.

The bars have definitely been raised and there is much of a doubt about it. the battle between bat and ball has gone on to more intensified standards that even the pulses of the fans run a lot faster these days due to cricket. In the domestic games, we see some very close games. When it comes to international cricket it, even more, tougher for both the sides. This is the new cricket which we are witnessing.

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