Billy Bowden hilarious action after a ball, T20 New Zealand

New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden had to save himself from getting embarrassed during a T20 game in New Zealand. This match was being played between two local sides. Bowden was about to give the batsman out and then altered his decision in the final second.

The way he adjusted after raising his hand is the best thing to watch here. One cannot stop his or her laugh after seeing this. One of the dugouts decipher what happened and they all had smiles and laughs on their faces. This was indeed hilarious by all accounts.

This funny incident took place when the bowler came running in and bowled the ball. Now we can see here that Bowden is standing still first. Then he raises his hand and just when he was about to raise his finger he realized his mistake. Bowden immediately started adjusting his hat and gave the impression that he raised his hand just to adjust the hat only. Now that was how he saved himself from embarrassment. There were no appeal made from the bowler or any other fielder. Surely Bowden was not mentally present in the ground at that particular moment. He was thinking of something else.

May be he was thinking about some dismissal that he gave out in the past. His reflexes made him raise his finger with the help of his subconscious. You can hardly tell what happened here. There is no doubt that something did happen with Bowden here.

There is also a chance that the ball hit the edge of the bat which only he picked up and not others. What ever has happened in the center with Bowden, he surely made this look into funny. The New Zealand umpire is not a part of international cricket anymore.

Bowden rose to fame when he joined the international cricket as umpire. Bowden has a specific medical condition that does not allow his muscles to fully stretch up to their full capacity. This is the reason that we see him signaling the cricketing gestures in his own way. He was one of the most successful umpires in cricket. Bowden has monitored a lot of international games of all three formats. He has been around in the T20 leagues as well. So he has done his part in cricket. He retired recently from international cricket. Now he is in New Zealand and does some umpiring in one of the local games. He was a special kind of a talent and the world of cricket will miss his funny style of umpiring.

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