Best boundary line effort in T20 cricket

Fielding has become a very prominent part of cricket now a days. There was a time when players tend to keep their focus more on batting and bowling. Fielding was always considered as a time wastage. But now we have seen teams winning games just because of one good fielding effort.

This is one of the best fielding efforts right at the boundary line in the last World T20 played in India. The Ireland fielder Garry Wilson saved a certain six here. He was in the air when he jumped back over the fence and pulled the ball inside the ground. It was an amazing effort from him.

This game was played between Oman and Ireland. It was a qualifier between the two sides. For the next round which was the main round of the World T20. So both the teams were pushing themselves to the limit to win this game. Ireland batted first and they could not get to a strong total. The Oman bowling was excellent. In fact they troubled some good teams with their bowling. Ireland did not play well at all and as a result they had to defend a low total against the Oman side.

Now Ireland did bowl well. They were not left with many choices. They had to bowl well in order to make something out of this game. Oman lost early wickets to this great bowling. But then one batter from their middle order stuck in. he played a match winning knock at the end. This hit came from his bat.

This was a short ball from O Brien. The bowler wanted to test the batsman with a short ball. Now the wicket was a batting one and hence there was no chance of the ball coming with pace at the batter. Hence the batsman got the time to get underneath this one. He went for a big pull and connected the ball to his bat.

The shot did not come off the middle but still a large piece of thick wood was able to touch the ball. This went miles in the air and was dipping over the boundary line behind the fielder Garry Wilson. Now here Wilson became a flying man all of a certain. He wanted the ball till the end. He then at the last moment went back and aerial over the line. He was in the air when he hand grabbed the ball and he just threw it inside the ground. That was a stunning piece of fielding and Wilson certainly save a six here.

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