Amazing cricket match, 9 players out for zero, one score 169 runs

This is one of the most amazing games of cricket ever played. One team scores 169 runs. Nine players went out for zero in their accounts while one of them hits 169 runs. Also this team won the match as well at the end. Cricket surely is one funny game.

As per the details this player name is Swart and he played a blinder in this game. His team won the toss and decided to bat first. Now most of the time the strike was with Swart and that proved out to be a good thing for his side as the rest did not do anything.

Swart first shot was a drive through the covers. The ball was pitched up and outside the off stump. He stretched his front leg and creamed he ball into the gap between mid-off and cover fielder. The outfield was quick enough to take the ball over the ropes. This was then followed by the brilliant back foot punch on the off side. The left arm spin bowler was into the attack here. Swart read the length beautifully. He went rocked back and hit the ball towards the deep off side field and earned another boundary to his name.

Now on the other hand each time the batting crease was given to another batsman the wicket fall down. The interesting thing was that they were all falling out on zeros. No one was able to even a single which was really very much surprising. On the other hand Swart was in a blazing form with the bat. His next hit was a big six straight over the top of the bowler’s head. This ball was not that full but the way Swart used the feet here was the key. She went to the pitch of the hit with absolute power.

Now from a woman this kind of a shot was worth watching. She then pulled her next hit on the leg side. This time the ball was there to be hit and Swart blasted it from the middle of her bat. Another delightful stroke from her. She really nailed this one down. If the wickets were falling from one end then Swart was busy in hitting her shots from the other end. She really punished all those bowlers who were taking wickets from the other end. She managed to get 169 runs and the total her team managed was the same. She really was the only scorer from her side. Her side won the game at the end.

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