Ahmad Shahzad defends himself on TV show

Ahmad Shahzad has finally decided to come onto the main stream media and tell the people his side of the story. The Pakistani opener has been often criticized for his bad behavior. We have seen that a lot of times Ahmad and Umar Akmal’s name has been listed in the spoiled brats of cricket.

Now Ahmad has said that there is no such case of discipline here. He said that he plays for so many teams now. If there was an issue with his attitude then these players and management from other teams would have complained about him as well.Ahmad was first asked about the question related to his attitude. There has always been his name taken when there is a fuss created in the Pakistan team. Ahmad Shahzad is often considered as a stubborn kind of a person and player in Pakistan team.

Now as per the Pakistani opener there is no such truth about these things. He said that he has played for multiple tams in Pakistan domestic cricket like Lahore, HBL and Peshawar. He is part of the Quetta Gladiators and has been retained for the next edition. He has been retained by the BPL side Comilla Victorians.

Then he was in the CPL as well. So for Ahmad if there was an attitude problem then why not any other team or the management of it complained about him. He said that these are false news that are aired just to hurt his reputation. Now we all know that former Pakistani head coach Waqar Younas launched a report against him and Umar Akmal related to their poor behavior in the world cup 2015.

Ahmad then said that people made an issue in the last T20 cup he played in Pakistan. He did not play games for Lahore side. He was having some back problem and needed rest. He said that he appealed to PCB for a rehab and he was given the permission to join the rehab program as well. He said that each and everything went under the laws of PCB. Ahmad said that his job is to play cricket and perform. He is trying hard and making sure that he plays the right form of cricket and gets back into the Pakistan side. He said that he keeps quiet most of the time just to make sure that he does not get his name into the people who play blame game all the time. Now Ahmad sounds rational here. His comeback all depends on his performances and then selection.

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