Adam Zampa breaks his bat in frustration

Australian spinner Adam Zampa broke his bat in the ongoing game against Melbourne Renegades. Zampa got himself run out after he slipped while trying to get back to his crease after his partner refused his second run call.

Zampa was fully frustrated in the game at that point. He was not there to take the second run at all. He went out hitting his bat on the ground and broke it into two pieces. Then he picked his the two portions and went off the field in a very bad mood.This incident happened a few months ago in the game. It was Stoinis who was at the batting end. He flicked the ball on the leg side down to the deep square leg. Now the batsman thought that he hit the ball in the gap and could take a couple of runs easily.

The two batters hit the first run pretty quickly and now when Zampa went out of his crease and he was in the middle of the pitch when Stoinis asked him to return. Now Zampa put the brakes on and as a result he slipped out.
He slipped and then never recovered. The fielder from the deep fine leg was onto the ball and his pick up and throw was pretty fast. The ball was taken by the wicket keeper and hit the wickets. That was it for Zampa who just could not believe his luck.

Melbourne Stars needed him to stay on the crease. The wickets were falling and hence Zampa’s presence on the pitch could have given a lot of confidence to his team. Now when he was on his way out of the ground he hit his bat on the ground and broke it into two pieces. The bat broke out from the handle and Zampa then had to pick up both the pieces. He did not look bother about his bat. He was more worried about his out and the condition of his team. The Melbourne Renegades at the end won the match.

The Melbourne Stars could not make it at the end. They did well but for the game they were not just there. They had a bad day with the bat and ball. KP could not make it big enough. His innings is the foundation for the Melbourne Stars as we have seen in the previous season and even now as well. Despite this loss still the Melbourne Stars had a really good team and they are one of the toughest sides in the BBL 2016.

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