Abdul Razzaq brilliant fifty in Super Sixes

Abdul Razzaq is one of those Pakistani all-rounders who have played the super sixes in 2011. Razzaq along with Sohail Tanvir and Hammad Azam were the premium all-rounders who went on this championship. Pakistan won the event that year.

Here we witness Abdul Razzaq smashing a brilliant fifty in the game against England. Razzaq played an absolute blinder. Sohail Tanvir who hit fifty and was hitting the ball better than Razzaq got run out and then Razzaq took the innings in his own hands.

Abdul Razzaq was on 36 when he just opened up. Before him it was Sohail Tanvir who was hitting the ball around and getting those wild sixes and fours. Most of his shots were sixes and that was the momentum which Pakistan got in the final overs of the first innings. Razzaq first tried to smash the ball straight against Trego but a thick outside edge took the ball towards deep third man. The boundaries were short and in no time the ball went for a six. This was not a good shot at all but Razzaq got what he was planning, a six.

The next six was a far better shot. This time Trego bowled a length ball outside the off stump and Razzaq just picked it up on the off side. The ball went flat and into the crowd. This one did not travel much in terms of aerial distance from ground. The power behind this one was a lot. Razzaq clearly showed that he was in no mood to let go things. But then Sohail Tanvir got himself run out on the third ball. Trego managed to beat a ball outside the off stump and Sohail left his crease to take a cheeky single. Razzaq was not interested in the run. He did not even look at Tanvir only by the time he slipped out.

Tanvir fell on the ground and never made it back. He went off the field after scoring 62 runs off 13 balls. He must have hot a local record in that game for sure. Razzaq continued his shots after that. He knew that now it is his duty to make sure Pakistan scores as much runs as possible in order to beat England. Pakistan played really well in that event. They remained unbeaten in the event. The likes of Razzaq, Umar Akmal, Sharjeel Khan, Sohail Tanvir and many others showed their magic with the bat and ball and brought back the cup. Pakistan has always played this event with some really good performances.

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